Woody Infinity, endless wakeboarding on your Windows Phone

techdigg August 21, 2014 0

Woody Infinity is an endless runner that is played out on a wakeboard. Towed by a jet ski, you are tasked with helping Woody navigate an endless obstacle course full of islands, docks, ski jumps and other objects bent on ruining Woody’s day.

Game play is timed and you’ll need to make it to various check points to keep the game going. There are bonus items along the course that will help Woody survive the courses and to keep the game interesting, there are a handful of missions to complete.

Unfortunately the game is not available for low-memory devices. However, for those with 1GB+ devices Woody Infinity isn’t a bad option to consider if you’re looking for a time waster of a game for your Windows Phone.

Source taken From : : wpcentral.com